Thursday, December 24, 2015

Take a Moment...

Take a moment to breathe.
Sometimes, in the hustling and the bustling, I forget to clear the clutter and the clatter from my mind and just breathe. 

Wish someone well. Call someone up. Smile.
Whoever you are and whatever you are going through, there is always someone you know who is a little worse off than you are. Share your smile with them.
It is easy to be anxious or moody in the midst of all this uproar, but I try t
o be an oasis of peace and tranquility amid all of it... and I was taught to share.
Be kind to one another, not just today and tomorrow, or this week... but always. It's a long boat ride with a lot of people on board... and it is good to share a laugh when the seas are stormy.
Whatever it is that you choose to celebrate or contemplate, may you fare safely and in good spirits.
Be well. I love you all.