Monday, November 17, 2014

I Fear No Friendly Greeting!

Okay, I see it is already starting... it's the Happy Holiday Party versus the Merry Christmas Party. Look... isn't there enough fighting in the world?
Me? I say, "Merry Christmas." I've never, ever, Ever, EVER had anyone quibble with me about it. I think that's just urban legend. I think it is just axe grinding. It is flinching before one is struck.
Think about that... in over half-a-century, no one has ever argued with me if I told them to have a Merry Christmas. Ever. 
Now, If someone... anyone... goes out of their way to wish me a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Happy Holiday, Season's Greetings, Lovely Kwanzaa, Cool Yule, Swingin' Solstice, or whatever, then I just thank them and wish them the same. If I am truly humble, it means I accept good will in whatever form it is offered... and I return it with a smile. 
I cannot imagine what I would be like if I were to feel threatened by the kind wish from another human being, regardless of its wording. 
So, Let other people wish others well in their own fashion, and you may wish them well in your fashion. I mean... who wants to start a fight over what kind of glad tidings one has been given freely? Sheesh!


  1. But have you ever had anyone knock you for saying "Happy Holidays?" I have! There's nothing like wishing someone a happy whatever holiday they celebrate and having hissed back: "It's "Merry Christmas!"
    And _that_ is often the crux of the matter... not the reverse.
    I also just thank for Merry Christmas -- even to people who know I don't celebrate that, exactly. Can't help but wonder a bit why the do it, though...

    1. I understand that it is more often the reverse. That's why I was stating that in over half-a-century I have not been called out on saying "Merry Christmas", implying that they probably have nothing to be afraid of.

    2. Ah, I understand with more clarity now! -K